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Hazardous Wastes and Contaminated Sites

The identified contaminant in concentration must be higher than what is normally expected from a non-contaminated site. Lastly, it poses a certain threat to people and/or the environment because of its location and concentration (Project Participants and their Organizations 2003).
Various physical and chemical properties are considered as hazardous substances, and hence, pose a threat to people are toxicity, carcinogenicity, corrosiveness, combustibility, explosiveness, and asphyxiation. The contamination of land and its surrounding areas can vary according to its nature and degree of severity.
Risk management is one effective technique in addressing problems brought about by contaminated sites. It is defined as the culture processes and structures directed towards the effective management of potential opportunities and adverse effect (Project Participants and their Organizations 2003). In the context of contaminated sites, risk management is understood as the process of gathering information for purposes of informing decisions and minimizing the risks or adverse effects of a contaminated site to people and the environment (Project Participants and their Organizations 2003).
Estimating the probability of an event occurring and the likewise magnitude of effects are what involve risk assessment. ...
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A contaminated site is a site at which hazardous substances occur at concentrations above background levels and indicates likelihood to pose an immediate or long-term hazard to human health or the environment (Project Participants and their Organizations 2003)…
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