New York Transport System - Case Study Example

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New York Transport System

Through this particular assessment, the possibility of creating the link that exists between the transport system and the economic as well as social development of the society being catered upon in this reading.
THE tunnel diggers gazed in disbelief at what they had uncovered. The year was 1912. Deep beneath the streets of New York City, while excavating an extension of the newly built subway, they had broken into a large hidden chamber. The room was magnificently furnished-like a palace! Along its length were mirrors, chandeliers, and frescoes. Wood paneling, crumbling with age, still adorned the walls. In the middle of the room stood a decorative fountain, its bubbling long silent.
The room led to a tunnel. To the workers' astonishment, there sat a graciously decorated 22-passenger subway car on its rails. Had there been another subway under New York before the one they were digging Who could have built this place
Underground passages have been in use for mining, supplying water, and military exploits for thousands of years. Mechanized underground transport of passengers, however, came about much more recently. In the early 1800's, thoroughfares in London, England, were choked with every imaginable type of contemporary vehicle, not to mention pedestrian traffic. ...
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Transportation means and transportation routes are all part of social development especially among those developed cities around the world. It could not be denied that these particular elements of social development in human generations naturally create the possible chances for better economic growth and faster progress for human societies…
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