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This project aims at producing an engineering design for a project in Bristol, UK. The project taken up is an office building for a company involved in trading business. The requirements from the client are taken and are put together with the rest of the requirements of the location to work out the comprehensive design for the project.


The location of the project is taken to be on the Victoria Street much before joining the Temple Way on the Northern side of the road.
1. The client has a trading business and all their employees are internet savvy. Therefore, he wants a large data communication network, T3 line in place. The service provider wants a wireless tower to be erected for this purpose on top of the building.
3. The building should have a canteen, a recreation hall and a gym for the employees. There should also be an open theatre where play acts could be staged and possibly a movie during the weekend could be screened.
The conceptual design is based on the number of seats the office is going to have. The total project is to accommodate six hundred employees. Apart from this, the building would also house another 40 managers and 10 senior executives at the level of directors. The following thumb rule for space occupancy is taken. For every executive, there would be a requirement of 80 square feet of space required. For every manager, the space required will be 200 square feet and for every senior executive at the level of directors it will be 400 square feet per person. This will also include a secretarial chamber where there will be one more person seated. To meet these requirements, the total space required will be 60000 square feet of space. ...
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