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Health Safety and Welfare

The conditions outlined above may not originally be there, but may happen during work being carried out. These situations may include grinders giving off dust, welding causing fumes, or escape becoming difficult due to equipment already installed within the space, making escape in case of an emergency difficult.
a) Risk assessments that require specialist knowledge. In terms of a construction project, different levels of skill are required to carry out different complexities of tasks. This hierarchy of complexities extend to risk assessment as well as subsequent mitigation as well. In large and complex projects, the CDM coordinator himself has to have the relevant skills and experience to judge where professionals and experts with specialized knowledge would need to be called in to assess the possible vulnerabilities of a particular task, and to help in reducing risks associated with it. For example, electrical risks, mining risks, financial risks in large projects, all require experts in those fields to help the project steer through the potential problems caused by lapses. Specialist knowledge allows these experts to design the risk management procedures to specifically deal potential problems in tasks related to their fields. ...
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A total risk assessment programme prepared and vetted by the CDM coordinator, with a special section outlining best practices (as mentioned in the next section) and relevant legal references as a part of it.
All new hoisting equipment shall be inspected periodically and certified prior to use, as also after any modification or alteration, and the certifying authority shall sign off on the successful certification.
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