Video and Music for the Internet

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Bandwidth is very important when trying to determine how much you should allot in order to properly stream video or audio. Bandwidth is important to remember, because it can affect how well your video or audio is transmitted across the internet. For example, if you are trying to move a hour long feature movie across a 56k connection, the amount of bandwidth is uses would be immense, and result in a slow project for the person trying to stream the audio or video.


One way would be to zip the file and give the user the option to download it this way instead of streaming it in real time. You also could reduce the size of the video player, which would allow the video to play faster and reduce bandwidth usage. Another way to do this is to multicast the stream, which would allow multiple users to receive the feed at the same time and drastically cut back on the bandwidth usage of the video or audio stream.
The IEEE-1934 standard is one of the most usable and helpful technologies ever developed for the transmitting of data over cables. It is low cost and high speed, both major factors when considering how a company should transmit movies and audio. It also allows a company to transmit 400mbps of data over a tiny thin cable, and that alone is worth way more than its weight.
I.There are many different formats used in media distribution. There are MP3, real audio, MP4 and even windows own movie files. Different companies often use different formats to keep the media only usable with that company. For example, I-tunes files are only usable with Apple products, and Apple wants to keep it that way. The same goes for Microsoft Windows Audio Files, which are only usable by the Microsoft Media Player.
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