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In today's era of Information Technology the world is increasingly becoming networked, technical, and closer to each other. Over the years IT has led to revolutionizing the way business is conducted, education is imparted, we communicate, we socialize, illness is cured etc.


Interaction is in essence the core of teaching and learning process. Therefore, when the teacher is there around us whenever we are in doubt, the process of learning becomes all the more interesting. Education is essentially about imparting information, knowledge and skills. Easy access and availability of books and other reference material makes the process of learning more flexible and helps the student community in carrying out the educational requirements. Similarly the school administration would also like to have an updated record of all its students and teachers, together with maintaining the databank of the progresses made by the students and the problems faced by the teachers or the students. There are also occasions when the school administration feels like communicating/ sharing some urgent matters with its staff, teachers and students. With the help of a networked community these tasks become all the more reliable and easier. Information Technology has therefore made the process of teaching and learning more interactive and interesting. ...
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