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Copyright and Internet - Essay Example

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Copyright and Internet

Copyright laws have banned the duplication or any other form of plagiarisms, neither has it permitted any form of alteration or modification efforts of the individual for the improvement of the work piece. Therefore if Copyright laws are positive step towards protection of the master piece, however it has taken an offensive step against the emerging artist who seeks alteration in previous master piece. Therefore it is really important for the artist community to understand that the implementation of copyright laws have narrowed the spectrum of creativity that the young artist possessed to launch and experiment their skills in early stages.
Internet has so far being partially successful in execution and implementation of the copyright laws, initially the services and offerings of the internet operated not under any international copyright agreement. During this period it was observed that the emerging artist seek guidance from the masterpiece available, this practice was enhancing their skills, but later when few of those involved themselves into malpractice the society realized that copyright laws needed to be implemented internationally. The positive aspects was ignored i.e. skills and motivations of the young artist was improving.
The internet regulation and monitoring is however stable in developed countries, it is saddening to observe that in many developing countries like China, Pakistan and India, internet is still the frequent mode of plagiarism, all this is under the notice of the internet agencies based in United States and Europe, but no action has been taken because such regulations and violations are not considered offensive in those countries. 'Therefore the privileges of internet has scattered allover, however its scrutiny has been limited, either due to the lack of progress or interests of some authorities' (Kurt M. Saunders (2001). Practical Internet Law for Business). Interestingly what we observe is that people from these highlighted regions have excelled in art and literature, these artists have never faced any legal barrier in their growth, and their growth resulted due to the fact that these artists had access to the masterpiece work of arts. The execution of copyright laws has affected the promotion and growth of art and literature in under developed and developing countries, where artist experience dearth of resources. Therefore it is important to understand that copyright laws have not developed positive impact on the growth and promotion of young artists.
Creative commons is non governmental organization; the organization has been established with the vision to allow the originator to modify their version of copyright laws solely applicable on their ideas and products. 'The company has an objective to define flexible copyright for their creative works' (Common Creative Society and Impact). The organization was launched by group of intellectual property experts, lawyers and web publishers.
Creative Commons system has performed successfully in North America and Europe. The organization has ...Show more


Copyright is no longer a local or regional issue, rather this issue has to be discussed on international level and concrete efforts and achievement has taken place in this context. The issue of copyright rose once the world turned into global village, previously before the advent of internet, copyright was much common, and in many of the cases the offender violated the notion of copyright without any feel of accountability, rather the offender use to term his action as contribution or propagation of resources and knowledge…
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Copyright and Internet essay example
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