Decision Support System Essay

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The analysis is based on a decision support system that was developed for the client using the spread sheet software, Microsoft Excel 2007. The main objective with which the system was developed was to display the powers and functionalities provided with the help of computer based systems to solve business related problems.


Reasoning has been provided for choosing the technologies that are used to develop the system. As future enhancement is possible, the report aims to list out the activities and features that could be enhanced for future innovation and functionalities.
The primacy of all the requirements was given to the user interface that is provided through the Excel software. Then the business related functionalities such as forecasting, detailed analysis of data, Net Present Value calculation, scenario creations with ratio based investment on two businesses were required. These requirements were analyzed, prioritized and possible set of functionalities were listed. All these requirements led to the view that system needs to be built on a step by step basis as each of these requirements are interdependent on one another. The software model that has been followed is the Prototyping model. It is an exact choice of model to follow due to this requirement structure. (HeathCote 2000)
The possible risk factors are those which could arise if the requirements were not followed properly. As per the deadline issues, obviously the risk are always eminent as any spot of misunderstanding would draw a picture of missing the deadlines. Since a top down approach is followed with this project, the disadvantages of it have to be nullified. ...
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