Gear Testing Equipment

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Gear testing and other tribology test are very important as they prevent failure of these mechanical devices. For long gear testing machines have been large complex and very expensive limiting their use to large machine shops, tribology centers, workshops and manufacturing centers.


It's possible to check most of the gear properties using one stand. This results to better tribology techniques and impacts positively to the overall usability of a product. This project seeks to develop integrated gear testing equipment that can perform most of gear tests. This gear test equipment allows for testing most defects on a gear. It incorporates the use of laser beam and ultrasonic waves. In addition, the gear test equipment is able to measure the hardness of the gear, wear, friction and other surface properties. By using a multiple function stand, fitted with suitable jigs and fixtures, the technician can be able to determine most of the gear properties including its physical dimensions such as the addendum and pitch circle radius among others. It will be possible, using the same equipment to determine the internal properties of the gear so as to detect any inclusions or blow holes or other internal defects that the gear may have.
The gear is a device that is used for transmission of power. It is used for transmission of rotational force from one gear element to another gear element. The gear is comprised of teeth and cogs that mesh with the other gear teeth. This meshing allows for force and torque transmission without slippage. ...
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