WAN Network Design

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Being seperated by distance is a challenge for a growing company. Expanding a remote area office is extremely needed to cut transportation fee, the employment matters, and other necessity. However, we have to establish communication connectivity between these remote areas and their headquarters to maintain the company's important data correspondences.


Many telecommunication carriers offer leased circuit as a solution for this distance barrier. Determining the link bandwidth and topology of the network should be an important subject to discuss. To minimize operational fee by expanding a remote office is our main goal. Yet, we will unable to achieve this objective if we miscalculate the network development cost, although, we eventually have the ability to deliver data communication among the nodes (we often call a network entity as a 'node').
WlvNET is software that enables us to calculate network development cost for each topology that we simulate. By knowing the cost, we will able to find out the best network path that meet the maximum cost requirement for the company.
What wlvNET do is basically an iteration of an algorithm to find the shortest-path of a link related to the incoming/outgoing traffic of a node. It uses Djikstra's algorithm as this method has been used in most of shortest-path calculation (lecture notes, sli. 13). Any topology possibilities could be shown by this software. Unfortunately, we have to decide the optimum network topology manually. This would be a very essential issue.
One of the parameter that this tool uses in its iteration is incoming/outgoing traffic. This parameter need deep discussion as it will effect the link needed to overcome the traffic. ...
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