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Rail Track Design

It is aimed to improve the line speed over this route. Thus it is especially beneficial to identify and elaborate the key track design issues required in the redesign process. These design issues include route surveying, track components identification, curve track requirements and other factors beneficial for the railroad redesign development.
Route surveying is done to acquire necessary data for the proper placement of grades, bridges, culverts, and curves in a railroad system. The usual route surveying can be done traditionally or electronically. Traditional route surveys employ 'differential levelling, taping manually scribed data, cross sections and baseline-referenced topography'. Electronic survey on the other hand, make use of 'total station, data collector and computer technologies' for field data acquisition and manipulation. (Engineering Policy Group, "Route Surveying," par. 1, 2)
The Swiss Trolley, 'a multi-sensor measurement system incorporating real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS' has been used in the United Kingdom for precise and accurate rail track surveying. This rail track surveying system is essential in the redesign and renewal of railroads because it provides 'dense and accurate track information' which assures a 'precise description of the actual physical track'. ...
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The safety and efficiency in the operation of rail transport systems is dependent basically in a good rail track design. The rail track should be designed and laid out so as to ensure that practical freights and convenient travel time are attainable. The roadways should be provided with sufficient clearances, suitable cants, and practical radii on curves…
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