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Globalization has been in existence for quite a while. In the early ages it was essentially limited to business and trade. But with the beginning of the new form of market driven governments, globalization has filtered down to almost all walks of life like, media, culture, and of course the trade and business practices.


He outlined the spiritual attainments in the form of higher mental spheres which he termed as noosphere. At that time his writings were not considered to represent the truth, but the concept of universal unification is a reality today. Manuel Castells (2000) proposed the growth of an Information Communication Technology (ICT) dominated informational society in which the social interaction becomes dependent on use of such technology. Recent advancements in technology have touched upon almost all spheres of life, which in turn has led to a vision called Technoshamanism implying integration of modern technology into shamanic practice.
Discovery of fire and wheel are considered crucial cornerstones in the human civilization. With further advancements in science and technology, different aspects of human life got affected. On the one hand we have the fields like communication, transport, travel, living standards etc. which made the human civilization happy. On the other hand discovery of nuclear power led to the advancements in the fields of destruction. Subsequently we started looking towards pigeons and doves symbolizing peace and harmony. It needs no introduction that pigeon and doves have been very much an integral part of our ancestors as well. This provides an indication about the visionary features passed on from the earlier times to give way for a new world order.
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