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It is evident that the technology advances make it "nearly impossible" to speculate about the storage facilities in libraries of the future, so new storage facilities must be built allowing for "extreme" flexibility.
Superior quality Glass (of Saint Gobain brand) is also needed.


Although full-size shelving is originally preferred, yet full-size shelving should be minimized as per the reader benefit scheme. In case of full size shelving suitable retractable ladders to be provided.
To evolve how many linear feet of shelving are required for a collection, take the total number of volumes and divide by the number of books per foot. Hence in case of a primary collection of 5,000 volumes consisting of picture and thin books would require a total of 250 linear feet of shelving.
Have chosen very superior quality and texture for sustainability and increased longevity of the said product. Hence the cost could come up to higher than the common run-of-the-mill products, but will surely give a very high warranty of product sustenance and as well glorify the multi national look to the entire set up.
The warehouse equipment and installation needs to be taken care as per the storage logistics by professionals. While placing the book storage full availability of light and space management should be kept in mind and calculated accordingly
The Books stored in the Book storage would not only be arranged according to subject line but also could be made decorative by arranging the books as per color code. The Book Storage designed as such speaks of high quality, sustainability, fashionable, trendy as well as pertaining to all aspects of storage logistics.
Now, we staunchly believe in the ...
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