Database Technology

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Database technology started from flat file storages and over the years evolved into electronic data storages in the form of records and tables to complete relational and object-oriented databases. Today, the databases are not just restricted to objects, but they have also gone to the level of media support in the form of multimedia databases which support multimedia content to be stored in the databases.


Object oriented databases have now become very popular as they provide a greater degree of flexibility in data storage and also provide a resource efficient storage mechanism. The data storage in the object oriented databases is in the form of objects instead of storing as rows and columns.
The integration and connectivity of individual systems provide support to connect stand alone machines. In the current environment, the databases are all linked at the backend. This provides for client-server database architecture which gives a whole new dimension to existing database structure.
The databases today are based on client-server architecture and provide support for multimedia content. They are huge in size as storage costs are not of much concern today. Data warehouses act as archives and analytical tool for the historical data.
Relational database was a revolution in the field of databases. The idea of having a tabular structure composed of rows and columns was a ground breaking proposition to make storage and retrieval easier than ever before.
Peter Rob in his book describes the relational database in terms of storage and representation. ...
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