Military Technology

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The author has raised issues with reference to the conventional wisdom, empirical knowledge of the circumstances under which procurement competition is valuable and remarkably limited. The author has discussed several aspects related to dual sourcing, and has questioned that whether dual sourcing is used in response to an incumbent producer's failure to control costs, or it is that dual sourcing is used more often after the incumbent experiences quality control problems, thereby giving the buyer additional disciplinary power with respect to product attributes that are difficult to specify in a contract.


The author has also inquired that whether dual sourcing is more likely for technologically complex missiles without substantial economies of scale or steep learning curves, and in early periods of production. Lastly, the author wonder whether dual sourcing is likely to be followed by a winner-take-all auction.
The military technology usually assigns the managerial responsibilities to the missile technology of various divisions, keeping in view the difference of area of specialization of the missile technology. The military technology offers employment positions i.e. 'accountants, position classification and labor relations specialists, fiscal analysts, training and development specialists, criminal investigators, taxpayer assistors' (Carter, 2007), in all such respective departments the managerial skills are required to ensure the performance improvement and Missile Technology Program development. ...
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