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By 1997 e-commerce was an integral part of business strategy for most large corporations. Oracle realised that it was not able to offer solutions in this area and therefore began to invest heavily in preparing a suite of Internet based enterprise application software.


They embarked on a R&D program to develop a suite of Internet based enterprise application software. These applications would work perfectly with Oracle databases. This eradicated the need to hold large numbers of databases on a client/server architecture since the delivery could be achieved through an Internet browser. Having developed the tools, Ellison took another of his great strategic decisions and asked his people to implement the systems at Oracle 4.
However, how secure is it' Is it secure enough for Stockport PCT' Oracle focuses on the use of Internet Protocol, and in order to understand this better, these key ideas must be defined. Internet Protocol, written and spoken as IP is a network layer protocol. The network layer permits the hosts to really talk to each other. Such things as transferring data grams, mapping the global (Internet) address (for example, to a physical network address (such as 08:00:58:0a:ca:7f), and routing, which looks for making definite that all of the Internet connectivity facilitated devices can discover the way to one and another. IP has several very significant features that make it a very strong and supple protocol. Hence, its security is of great importance.
There are a number of attacks that can attack on the IPs and Oracle. ...
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