Facebook as a New Media

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According to van Djik, there are various types of access for the digital media, like motivational access, material or physical, skills access and usage access. Motivational access for the Internet and the Facebook is the main hindrance in many countries.


By the characteristic of virtuality, a social networking site (SNS) like Facebook is essentially a computer-based platform for converting text and image into binary codes that may be stored on one computer and distributed across the Internet and picked up by other computers. It is one of the most interactive new media platforms by which consumers can create their own material either in text or image and engage into an interaction with the Facebook contacts and communities with whom they may or may not have face-to-face interaction. Compared to the passive take-it-or leave-it approach of the traditional media, new media like the Facebook is an extremely interactive platform (Brown, n.d). In terms of van Dijk’s (2006) scheme of interactivity of digital media, which may be at different levels depending upon the space, time, behavioral and understanding the meaning of interactions, the SNSs like Facebook may be considered at the third level of development. The sender and the receiver can not only communicate any time and place (other digital media like television or email can also do this, with email having the advantage of two-way communication), the SNS can also alter the behavioral pattern of the communication in which the sender and the receiver can switch roles. ...
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