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Requirements Modeling

The object-oriented analysis (OOA) approach uses an integrated set of models to identify the conceptual entities or objects in the system, their behavior, and the required processing. OOA is a good analysis approach because it pays attention to real world issues. Verification of the analysis results is possible through simulation using the OOA models and it is a widely used approach to facilitate the transitions from analysis to design.
Even with the development of various OOA models, there is a need to sustain the analysis effort. Problems and issues may arise such as confusion with OOA terminologies and diagrams and notations; incomplete models, difficulties with integrating models, as well as wavering of project sponsor support. These issues may be addressed by augmenting formal models with informal notes and diagrams, reviewing the models, and distinguishing between analysis and design facets. As the analysis proceeds, more and more are learned about the scope of the work and the rate at which it can be accomplished. All new information should be factored in and the plan suitable adjusted.
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The School of Technology at Oxford Brookes University is undertaking the computerization of the process for preparing question papers for its various departments. The process involves communication between the Examination and Conferment Unit (ECU), module leaders, teaching staff, internal checkers, the exam secretary, and external examiners…
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