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Recumbent tricycle for disabled user

The front suspension will simply make use of the front fork suspension common in other bicycles and tricycles. The rear suspension however, has been designed particularly to provide additional comfort and safety for a disabled user. It will make use of shocks and external springs together with movable joints and axles.
This dissertation aims to discuss the development of a recumbent tricycle for disable user (one-handed user). It will specifically endeavour to examine the design and manufacture of the suspension system of the recumbent tricycle especially designed to be driven single handed. This study will also provide answers to the following questions.
Three - wheeler rides or tricycles caught the interest of many people because of the safety and merits it brought to cycling. Riding a tricycle does not require enormous skill or strenuous practice. The only thing you have to do is position yourself, step on the pedals and ride on. There are several expediencies that a tricycle can offer such as sustaining larger baggage capacity and accommodating conventional women's wear. Thus tricycle offers both convenience and comfort.
A German paraplegic named Stephen Farffler constructed the first tricycle in 1680. ...
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The researcher wishes to convey his profound gratitude and sincerest appreciation to those who have extended much effort and assistance contributory to the success of the dissertation. His deepest indebtedness goes particularly to the following:
This dissertation aims to discuss the development of a recumbent tricycle for disable user (one-handed user)…
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