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Ecodesign is the most common word that is used for an implementation of these practices but it is also known as sustainable design, green design, life cycle design, environmental design, and sustainable product design.
This report discusses the core concepts of ecodesign; globally accepted strategies and methods used for the implementation of ecodesign (there are other tools and methods that have been developed by private organizations which are not covered in this report) with an emphasis on the most famous method Life Cycle Analysis; Environmental Assessment; and a case study of mobile phones comprising of a Life Cycle thinking, Environmental Benchmarking, information and ideas related to ecodesigning of mobile phones.
Ecodesign is "a design which addresses all environmental impacts of a product throughout the complete lifecycle of the product, whilst aiming to enhance other criteria like function, quality, and appearance" (Spaceship Ecodesign, n.d.)
Using ecodesigning, we form methods and strategies to develop products in a way that would lessen pollution & waste materials and decelerate the elimination of finite resources. ...
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The fast-growing population of the world and the requirements of that population have led to a significant increase in industrial activities. However, these industrial processes are also contributing many undesirable impacts on the environment. Ozone layer depletion and acid rain are just two of the many rising problems associated with the activities of all the organizations worldwide…
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