Design of Structures

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The inefficiencies associated with trial and error are being reduced due to the use of software. Programs such as Autocad are increasing the knowledge architects have about the effects of measurement precision applied in the design of a structure. Las Vegas is an excellent example of what can be constructed when expanding ideas of space and proportionality.


Computer software facilitates this process by beginning the filtering process with three dimensional illustrations displayed in a program or on paper before being constructed in to a scaled model. At this stage the architect can begin to see the strengths and weeknesses of the design prior to the consideration of critical elements such as the materials that are applied to the construction of the structure.
A working model that is coming in to prominance today is the use of research and observations in order to inform the design and simulation segments of the production process. How would simulation software such as Comsol software used by physicists to construct semiconductors Well, the answer is found in the exploration of materials to use in the construction of a building. Materials minutely or substantially changes all the proportional estimates of the puilding structure, and the contribution that simulation software makes is how the materials will effect the building structure. Once these calculations are known they maybe included in the AutoCad program to see how the dimensions of the designs have chnaged since the inclusion of various construction material.
Just after World War II a method of building construction that came into prominence was the texture ...
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