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e-commerce project

It all began due to a combination of some regulations and innovativeness. Although the predecessor of the Internet appeared in the late 60s, e-commerce took flight with the advent of the World Wide Web (WWW) and browsers in the 90s. This led to a remarkable progress in the field of information technology with the liberalisation of telecommunication and innovations, which greatly expanded the volume and capacity of the sensitive communication sector. In the context of this development, barriers that affected trading fell, and business began to look up. Earlier forms of e-commerce were mostly custom-made, complex, expensive and the province of large firms. This has changed with time. Today, for a few thousand dollars, anyone can become a merchant and reach millions of consumers world-wide. What used to be business-to-business (B2B) transactions among the privileged is today a necessity with any establishment that seeks to do business globally. Millions and millions of dollars change hands across the globe and involve vast numbers of individuals who may never have met before. Internet has revolutionized the way people think and do business. Today, people enjoy the comfort of this technology and the time difference acknowledged with other parts of the globe to their advantage. ...
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A successful online marketing campaign means more than driving clicks to web sites. E-Commerce is about online marketing that attracts qualified prospects and convert those leads into sales. Whether it means selling a product online, promoting a service, generating leads, or simply increasing brand awareness, e-Commerce is the answer.
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