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News Cycle

News cycle is a technical term used in the media industry to represent the time period between the successive reporting of news events. "A news cycle is defined as the amount of time that passes between the release of one edition of a news outlet and the follow up edition. The most common example of a new cycle would be the daily newspaper. Released early in the morning of one day, the next edition does not appear until roughly twenty-four hours later. That one-day period between the daily edition constitutes a news cycle. Originally associated with newspapers, the term is applied today in all forms of news distribution." (Tatum) The period of news cycle has come down drastically because of the immense development in the information sector. The reduction of news cycle period has its merits and demerit as well. Though live telecasts were useful for the public to receive information instantly, because of immense competitions between different news channels quiet often the public receives contradictory information from different channels which sometimes create problems even to the government and the administrations.
The main advantage of instant reporting trough live telecast of the incidents is that it gives the public enough preparation time to respond with the news. ...
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As the world advances, the amount of news or information also increases in each second. During olden days it was radio or telephone were the medium of information exchange. Later Television has conquered the news industry. The television monopoly has continued till the latter half of the 20 th century…
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