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Tech Products

The process of designing tech products has to include the concept of sentimental value since this could be another source of added value that can be part of the marketing mix. The brand can benefit from the sentimental value of the company's technological products. That is the case of the Zippo lighter. Implementing multi-media functionality in the design of the Zippo lighter can enhance its sentimental value in a great deal. In this paper the idea of a new product integrating a Zippo lighter with an MP3 player is summarised briefly. All along this paper underlies the idea that adding sentimental value to any tech product should be considered on the product design process. It means a better brand image. It also means more revenues for the designing and the manufacturing companies. The case of the Zippo lighter - MP3 player signals a path of innovation integrating the concepts of successful tech products by Bang & Olufsen, Apple, and Bluetooth technology companies. Keeping in mind the concept of sentimental value in tech products will improve the results and the performance of a tech product in the marketplace.
It is a good idea to design products with the concept of "sentimental value" in mind. When it comes to designing products with batteries and electronic components, it is very difficult to add a sentimental touch in the creative process since for most people this kind of products do not have a sentimental value. ...
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Products with batteries and electronic components do not have a high sentimental value like jewelry. Tech products are very volatile in their use. Technology moves too fast. Innovation is implemented everyday in a wide variety of technologies and products…
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