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Power Control for Mobile Phones

The aim of the minimum power assignment method is to provide users of cellular communication services with an acceptable connection with minimum usage of power on the side of the user so as to elongate battery discharge time, i.e. the amount of time that it takes for the battery of the cellular device to get discharged. The use of the synchronous and asynchronous standard power control algorithms guarantee to find the minimal power level required for establishing an acceptable connection given that the interference from other users that needs to be over come to do so, characterized by the value I(p) is feasible. Asynchronous power control also indicates the robustness of the standard power control algorithm in the face of slower updating of transmission power levels by individual users. The power controlled systems and methods that are described in this report can be implemented by each individual user knowing only its own uplink gains and the total power received at each base station, i.e. a user need not be concerned about the power transmissions of other users corresponding to the same base station, thereby making the algorithm much faster and much less complex. Further development in the field of power control for mobile devices holds the potential to decrease the need for repeated recharging of cellular communication devices and of elongating the standby and talk time simultaneously. ...
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This paper addresses the issue of transmission power control in cellular communication devices and is based entirely on the work of Roy D. Yates. Cellular communication devices, more popularly known as mobile phones, have transformed the face of communication in the 21st century. …
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