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The aspect used in the e learning system is about the check out operator's job in TESCO. The course genie is used to create new materials in word and the material in word format is used to start with these and turn into a course. To start a course genie, there is need of opening existing word document or a new one can be created.


There should be a possibility of working with CG palette turned off. (Horizon wimba, 2006)
By using a combination of special styles and dialog boxes, the interactive features can be added to e learning system. The flash cards, insertion of HTML, Java and other codes, navigation, table of contents, formatting, hyperlinks, pop ups, definitions, self test questions, wmp, flash and quick time moves can be added. Adding these is possible by building them into the course using the styles and dialog boxes added to the word environment by course Genie. By using course genie, the development of e learning system can be done using word. The content created can be easily accessible as it is authored with SENDA, W3C and section 508. The accessibility checker can allow the academics to check the content. This is done before creating the final content package. This will give more leverage to the learning system as a well structured, interactive course material is present. This can integrate seamlessly with the ANGEL, Black board, moodle, or WebCT, CMS/LMS/VLE. Using the word with course genie the content can be exported to WebCT IMS package. A black board package file, Moodlle SCORM file, Microsoft LRN IMS format, SCORM 1.2 package, IMS QTI lite, set of plain HTML pages for web delivery. The option save as web page creates a HTML page that needs cleaning. ...
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