Prefabrication and UK Housing Industry

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The housing construction is been one of the most energy intensive operations in the U.K. development sector. It is also characterised by decreasing level of productivity and very low level of innovation The high use of energy intensive materials like cement and steel coupled with building blocks that are less energy efficient continues to be the prime materials in any housing construction operations.


Even on the cost front, lesser cost for materials that are energy efficient and environmental friendly have not got wider acceptance from the customers. This have forced the industries to take a very cautious move towards introducing newer concepts and techniques of construction.
Various innovative approaches that make the housing construction more efficient and attractive has been attempted. The success stories of using alternate materials and construction technologies like offsite manufacturing from the other neighbourhood countries continues to be given prominence for wider dissemination of information. Selection of alternate building materials that requires lesser time of construction and also better comforts conditions have also been proposed. The construction of modular houses, which consists of assembly of small modules had promised to revolutionise the construction process of houses significantly. Though these type of houses have found acceptance in specific places like farm houses, temporary buildings at various project sites etc , wider acceptability among the general public remains very low.
The building construction sector too is being exposed to newer philosophies of operation. ...
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