Social Networking Sites

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The word social network was first introduced by JA Barnes in his 1954 standard, class and committees in a Norwegian Island Parish. Usually it indicates that the map of the relationship between individuals denoting the way in which they are connected to build up relationship with various social communities.


The social networking websites are online based or web based services which link various individuals from across the global and it allows them to create their own profile, blog, articulate and helps to communicate with different people across the world. Hence the study identifies seven important factors which influences to the motives behind the use of social networking sites. And also it takes into consideration the frequency of use and the influence of the social network site use to the user. According to Boyd and Ellison (2007) the social network system or the service can be defined as it is web-based services which allows the individuals to following consideration,
Social network sites are also called social networking sites' to emphasize relationship initiation, often among strangers. The social networking websites have evolved as a combination of personalized media experience, within social context of participation. The practices that differentiate social networking sites from other types of computer-mediated communication are uses of profiles, friends and comments or testimonials-profiles are publicly viewed, friends are publicly articulated, and comments are publicly visible (Boyd, 2007).
Research has revealed five types of motives associated with the use of the Internet, such as interpersonal ...
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