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Priming of Pictures

Te findings show that particular group of children has consumed 45% more of their regular food amount after priming television food commercials. According to this study, adults can consume more food than the usual snack intake after exposure to the television advertisement. These scientific investigations lead researchers and psychologists to conclude that food advertisements can prime automatic responses in terms of eating behaviours of and therefore influence the eating habit far beyond the brand of the food or the preference of the participants. In another study of priming effects on media, authors, Wackman, Dhavan, and David (1998) argues that priming effects can be observed through the influence it leaves to the viewers which consists of individuals on evaluating ideas and concepts. According to Wackman et al. priming effects and impacts of pictures and advertisements on television can develop a particular feeling to the participants and will lead them to thinking the way the priming pictures are designed to accomplish this task. Simply put, the priming of pictures can impact the decisions of the viewers or participants in the experiments on how to react to certain situation. ...
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Priming serves several purposes. This can enhance memory and increases retrieval of data and mental images accurately (Campus n.d.). the priming techniques help the type of the memory considered as implicit rather than the explicit memory and found to strengthen records and not necessarily strengthen the associations…
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