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Essay example - Carbon Capture and Storage

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A systematic and holistic approach to solving Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) risk assessment, management, communication and mitigation has been wholly or partially absent in the currently available literature on the subject. Therefore this study would seek to focus attention on related and human health aspects of CCS risk associated with its determination, assessment, management and communication processes in a multivariate dynamic setting where process related control technologies, impacts on humans and environment, regulatory frameworks, agreements/disagreements between insurers and developers of technologies and social dynamics related to CCS would be discussed…

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Do the existing correlations between and among CCS centric policy and strategy substantially support the outcomes elated to determination, management and communication of CCS risk in a holistic approach
What environmental factors and implications have been articulated in the process of understanding risk management aspects and initiating control measures that are socially relevant and economically feasible
This research effort might be expanded to include such far reaching dynamics related CCS as relative cost of technologies associated with CCS risk assessment, management and communication. In fact the current level of research does not adequately recognize the need for future developments in the sphere of relative cost reductions with newer and efficient technologies. For example there is a huge gap between socially and economically feasible technologies and their prices or costs, i.e. insurance premiums. Insurance companies have gone one step further by developing a highly advanced system of metrics in insuring CCS sites. ...
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