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Polymer and Metal Matrix Composites

Another nomenclature involves the use of reinforcement in classification where polymers may be classified into fibers (multifilament, monofilaments, short filaments and long filaments), skeletons or particles.
Polymer matrix composite comprises of carbon, glass or other high strength fibers bonded by a thermoset or thermoplastic resin. The materials resulting from this bond is stiff, very strong and is able to withstand corrosion. Among the inherent advantages especially to manufacturing and machining is that the PMC assume flat, sharply sculptured contours or curved surfaces with ease. The materials are also very cheap. PMC materials are used as an option to steel.
As mentioned earlier, polymer materials are comprised of the fiber and the matrix, the main fuction of the matrix material is to surport and surrounds the reinforcement fiber. It also aids in maintaining the fiber in position. The reinforcement materials impacts special mechanical and physical properties to the matrix material. Due to the availability of different fiber and matrix materials, the material engineer can select different materials for fiber and the matrix thus enhance the resulting polymer composite material.
Commercially available polymer matrix materials are also refereed to as resin solutions. ...
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A material is described as a composite material if it is comprised of two or more constituents either in combination of phases or distinct phases. The materials are bonded along the interface of the composite. The constituents of the composite originate from separate ingredient materials which make up the composite.
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