Virtual Reality

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BACKGROUND: Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that generates computer-simulated environment which allows the user to immerse itself into it to feel the virtual environment. GOAL: The aim of this research paper is to outline the health and safety issues regarding the immersion to VR technology and to promote awareness to VR users in choosing the VR system that is applicable to their needs.


Among the benefits of VR include: training effect among patients with central nervous system injuries, increased level of self-confidence, well-being, mood and quality of sleep, increased motivation among patients, help patients with Parkinson's disease in the form of VR glasses, reduce impairment, disability and handicap in neurological rehabilitation, and assess initially the effects of traumatic brain injury. Despite the great effect of VR use in the field of health care, reports have stated that it accompanies bad effects to the environment and the people exposed to it. According to reports, patients exposed may suffer physical, physiological and psychological side-effects. Physical injuries include: unwanted postural demands, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), discomfort and strain in the neck due to big size and heavy weight, harbours fomites which could carry infection, reduced binocular vision, binocular stress, nausea, headache, eye strain and simulator sickness. CONCLUSION: VR technology is of great invention especially in the field of health care, but its consequent effects need to be studied more in order to avoid potential disorders among patients. ...
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