Construction of PC System

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One of the first things to consider in putting together a system is what the computer will be used for. This in turn will influence your choice of power supply, CPU and motherboard. We will assume that we are constructing an all-purpose system which will handle most games and all applications.


Finally, the system would need to have an operating system installed on it. Four purposes, we will be installing Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 as it is well supported by Microsoft and more virus resistant than ever before. And so to the acquiring of the component parts prior to a detailed description of how to put all those parts together.
We will choose a pressed metal tower case with sufficient grills to add extra cooling fans (your CPU can never be too cool!). Verify that the case has at least 2 USB outlets in front to facilitate use of flash drives and other USB powered devices. The case will typically have about 3 screws holding the side panels in place.
HDD (floppy). These devices have been around for about 18 years and while "floppy drives played a critical part in getting new PCs up and runningthis role has been replaced by bootable operating system CDs [leaving the] floppy drives these daysto create emergency boot disks for virus removal software or undo disks for system utilities" (Rosenthal, 2004, p.7).
Wear an anti-static band around your wrist (this will eliminate the threat of "frying" your drive, motherboard, CPU and other sensitive components because of static electricity build up). It doesn't take much to blow $400.
2. Insert the Power Supply Unit (PSU) taking care to line up cooling fan with case vent. ...
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