File Systems, Remote Access, and Monitoring

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On Windows Server 2003 operating systems, the Terminal Server feature gives users at client computers throughout your network access to Windows-based programs installed on terminal servers. With Terminal Servers installed at Windows 2003 servers in four offices in Andersen & Sons, laptop users can run programs, save files, and use network resources, all from a remote location, as if these resources were installed on their own computers.


From the user's perspective, the VPN connection is a point-to-point connection between the user's computer and an organization server.
I recommend laptop users to set permissions properly to secure files in shared folders on their laptops. They can set up permissions on every shared folder using "Sharing and Security" tab from the folder's Properties.
The particular policy settings available under Security Options are determined by the security template file, that was imported into the Group Policy object (GPO). These security templates are .inf files stored in your computer's %windir%securitytemplates folder, and by default Windows Server 2003 includes a number of standard templates. For example, the securedc.inf template can be used to harden the security settings on your Windows Server 2003 domain controller, while hisecdc.inf can be used to harden these settings to an even greater degree.
Windows Server 2003 offers two MMC snap-ins dedicated to security templates: The Security Templates snap-in and the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in. The Security Templates snap-in is used for creating security templates; and the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in is used to see what's in a template.
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