Improving Transport Layer Performance - Assignment Example

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Improving Transport Layer Performance

TCP is a dependable and reliable transport protocol performing connection oriented data transfers with flow and congestion control. It re-transmits the data segment whenever data segment and acknowledgements are lost due to packet damage or network congestion in a predetermined timeout interval. The performance of these timeouts and re-transmissions of data segments is the main issue of the research.
TCP, when tasks to deliver large amount of data to the other end invoked the procedure called "Slow Start". This procedure controls that amount of data to transmit between host (sender and receiver). It monitors the rate of new packets delivered into the network and at the same time monitors the rate of acknowledgements returned from the receiver. The "Sliding Window Mechanism" where the slow start procedure depends, permits the sender to transmit multiple packets successively then wait for the receiver's acknowledgement. If the connection is successful, the receiver will now send it's acknowledgement along with the information called "receiving window size" that indicates the limited amount of data segment a sender can transmit. The sender is now restricted to send the amount of data segment specified in the receiving window size. On the other hand, the TCP sender also manages its data transfers using "congestion window" which is set to one segment higher whenever an acknowledgement is received. ...
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In computer networking, the TRANSPORT LAYER provides point-to-point communication services between different hosts. The popular and most common protocol such as TCP/IP employs at least one of these transport layer protocols. These are Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Datagram Protocol (UDP)…
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