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Description and Analysis of a government agency in NYC

GIS improves the way citizens gain information about their neighborhoods and how City agencies are performing in their area. City planners use this same data to assist in policy making.
Determining the exact number of NYC employees is an inexact science since different agencies count them in different ways. The NYC website announces that NYC has more than 300,000 employees, but the Mayor's report claims that he had inherited 325,000 staff in 2001 and had 288,931 by 2004 (Bloomberg and Page, 2004).1 The only way to account for the discrepancy is that the website is including part-time and casual employees as well as full-time permanent employees.
According to the Mayor's Report, DoITT moved to a new method of counting employees in 2001, but there is no readily available explanation of how numbers were or are calculated. Employees have increased from 392 in 2002 to 882 in 2005, and DoITT estimates that it will require 1053 employees in 2006.
NYC TV - responsible for managing and programming the City's media (TV, radio and web) assets with content ranging from informative and entertaining shows to coverage of City proceedings and traffic conditions
Office of Strategic Technologies (OST) - plans and implements technology initiatives at DoITT and other Cit ...
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The Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) oversees New York City's (NYC) use of existing and emerging technologies in government operations, and NYC's delivery of services to the public. DoITT's current projects fall into 2 main categories - a) accessibility for residents, businesses, and visitors to government and b) improving systems behind the scenes.
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