Online Shopping – Software Specifications.

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The options in the opening screen will be to log on to the system or register free if the user is not already logged on. There is also forgotten password link which will take the user to a screen where she can enter the information needed to get her password back.


Once the user logs on to the system, she can select any of the options available to go further into the shop. The categorisation done is for designer wear and for accessories. The designer wear will feature a list of designer cloths that the user can see and select. More details of every product is available and can be stored in a specific file which will be linked to the product image. Using this, the available sizes, image of the product can also be maintained. All this would help the person in easy selection of the product that she wants to buy. After checking on the check boxes available, the person can go to the payment counter where she can pay for the total bill including all the purchases done by her thus far. The user can log off at any point in time. Payment is taken through a paypal link.

The menu in the logged on screen will also have My Account which would provide information about the account of the person who has logged on. This would include the purchases already done by her and her particulars like shipping addresses and the registered details. Any alteration if it has to be done can be done by her here.

The screen will be in orange and black. Only three colours are used including white. HCI norms indicate that using more than three or four colours would make the working uncomfortable. ...
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