Information Communication Technology Essay

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The need for information is very consequential in the current technology era in which efficiency and conveniences are emphasized in the operations of daily lives, and as such, the world has seen a lot of changes in the communication sector where information can be exchanged across very great distances in a very short time.


Accessing information is very efficient by use of these means. The European commission affirms that the importance of the Information Communication Technology is not exactly the technology aspect of it but rather the capacity to increase the access to information and be able to serve all the populations that are underserved by these facilities. Many nations have come up with organizations that carry out promotions of ICT since the areas that are disadvantaged in terms of technology are feared to lag behind. Concentrating on technology will only aggravate the problem. On the other hand the free use of ICT can be abused in terms of crimes like internet crimes (especially hacking) among others.
The advent of ICT has greatly helped the society and the information people access because of these developments will enable innovations and greater productivity and as a result, people's lives will be enriched in terms of quality. Content creation is one of the businesses that are booming the world over. Creativity can be expressed freely through digital content. Production in any business is very important and with ICT development, the productivity of every trade will be affected (Updegrove 2007). ...
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