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The project aimed to improve the service delivery systems of all the library facilities in the city and evolved five to ten year strategy to make the service delivery very effective to the people. Among the lists of recommendations made the most effective one was the implementation of RFID integrated security and transaction system.


The project activities were directed by steering committee by taking necessary strategic decisions relating to scope, budget, approach and schedule. The committee would review and assess the progress of the project. Under the steering committee the Project management team functions and project working team would operate under this unit.
The entire asset maintenance and the activities of field staff in Gold Coast Water Operations are undertaken using dispatch system called CABS. The replacement of the existing CABS is being recommended as the present unit is reaching its serviceable life span and hence might not be able to meet the current requirements and demands from GCCC. Thus this project would help to eliminate the existing risks with the CABS itself. The solution is expected based on the new Mobile In Field Data Acquisition System (MIDAS). In comparison with CABS , MIDAS is an attractive option as it would tend to reduce the staff while creating necessary conditions that enables growth. In a long run it is said that CABS would result in higher business operational cost and inefficiencies, the MIDAS would drive the costs down. Also, it would support all the existing business needs and help in scalability to meet the needs through integrating the asset management system and better data collection systems. .
Being the firsr GCCC ...
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