Technology and Structures

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Since technology has brought a revolution in every field, architecture has also used it intelligently to gain immense benefit.Ffirst there is a description of the fact that, the structures now are made specifically in accordance with the functional a requirement of the building.


The commonly used building materials and their functions will be discussed afterwards. Internet, Computers and information technology is widely used is this field. Computers softwares are smart enough to carryout plans from blue print to final view of the structure that is to be created in coming days. Modern communications denies, elevators, stair cases, escalators invigilating camera, sound and security system is carefully designed. In multinational building, entrance requires verification of password registration card, picture or fingerprints.
Low energy houses are becoming popular fully equipped with energy efficiency evaluation tools. Such houses are 30 % more efficient than the building regulations then in force home energy rating charts are used an idea totally after two decades ago.
The recently constructed' Etrium 'Office building collogue, Germany is a marvelous landmark. It can accommodate a staff of 150. A compound thermal-insulation system is designed for the faade. Air Exhaust system is marvellous.
Cement is made by heating limestone (calcium carbonate), with small quantities of other materials (such as clay) to 1450 C in a kiln, in a process known as calcination, whereby a molecule of carbon dioxide is liberated from the calcium carbonate to form calcium oxide, or quicklime, which is then blended with the other materials . ...
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