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Networking Assignment

What this means for attackers is that once they penetrate a single machine on a network they can then observe all traffic passing through the network. This allows intruders to quickly collect passwords and account names for many users. And all too often a password good one place is good another. In order to save from this vulnerability, you have to save a copy of Kernel offline because the advance hackers even patches the kernel of Unix system so that the system can not detect that it is under promiscuous mode by the help of "ifconfig" and "tcpdump" commands. (
In terms of availability, it should be kept in mind that the several users are accessing the same application simultaneously. For every user the instance of the C++ application would be separate but if look at data file, the data file would act as a centralized data storage so C++ program must have the eligibility to maintain the proper locking mechanism of the data file so that only one user is updating the data file at a time. With locking mechanism in mind, the dead lock possibility should be carefully taken care off. ...
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1) If the company makes the software in C+, it should be kept in mind that which kind of data storage technology is going to be used so that it would be easier to restrict an employee to only view his own profile and edit whatever is allowed. If the C+ software is storing employees' information on flat file system then by using C+ business logic the userid, with which the user logs in to the Unix system, should be retrieved from the Unix operating system and depending on that userid, the user is allowed to access the profile associated with that userid.
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