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Computer Systems Management

The Internet and digital firms have changed the channels of communication allowing to save time and money. The Internet and digital firms have a great influence on competitive forces changing the structure of the industry within which they operate. Information technology can aid a business in using these competitive forces to its advantage. In this way information technology can be seen as a strategic competitive weapon.
2b) Computer Systems Management allows government agencies to deal with crime and terrorism effectively and give a fast respond. Electronic transmissions allow to communicate with the minimum of human intervention. The advantage is that with Electronic transmissions the information involved are exchanged electronically instead of on pieces of paper. The benefits are speed and accuracy. In addition, confidentiality can be improved because data are sent out accurately and on time. Automatic acknowledgement is made so that there should no longer be the problem of information that in the past was mislaid.
2c) By creating electronic marketplaces and linking suppliers, buyers, and sellers, the Internet and other networking technologies are improving links between them. ...
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Question 2. 2a). The emergence of the Internet has changed the understanding of a value chain model proposed by M. Porter in 1985. In general, this model views the firm as "a series or "chain" of basic activities that add a margin of value to a firm's products or services" (Lucas, 1994)…
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