Usability in Website and Software Design

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Foraker Design was founded in 1999 by Stirling Olson a graduate from the Duke University School of Engineering in 1993. Throughout the 90's, Stirling saw the need for a web development firm that was focused on user-centered design and value to its customers.


According to the authors of this site, Usability addresses the relationship between tools and their users in order to improve efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Usability shortens the time to accomplish tasks, reduce the number of mistakes made and reduces learning time. The site also lists various resources like books and other reference materials including various links pertaining to usability.

and materials involved, but also in terms of the impact on the end-users, considering the possible cost of losing return visitors to your website due to unusable design. The site lists a Methods Section Overview which includes:

Focus Groups gather groups of users to get their feedback, initial reactions to a design, and discuss their preferences. These groups are useful for raising issues that may not come out during interviews.

Task Analysis evaluates how the end-user actually uses software or websites. An analyst determines the user goals and tasks, and then makes recommendations aimed at increasing efficiency and user-friendliness.

This website provides adequate information on the importance of Usability; it is also provides good resource reference to other Usability literature and links. The site is interactive as can be noticed in its feed back option.

According to this website there are three main ways to classify Usability evaluations. These methods are Testing, Inspection, and Inquiry. ...
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