Student Identification Form

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The organisation of the existing form is confusing and irritating, and all the fields are to be manually entered which is time consuming and increases the probability of data entry error. The red color is irritating to the eye.
The operator only has to select the Member ID from the list of members.


The database will return the existing record containing the Name of the student/ member. The operator can not change the field, the field is locked. The field length is 30 characters.
Same description is applicable to all the other fields in the form; which will be automatically populated once the member ID is selected. The difference from the Name field is that these other fields can be changed by the operator if required and the data will be written back once the Save button is clicked. The telephone number will be an integer field, and the length of both the address fields will be 50 characters.
' Variables for holding values of cumulative fines due to overdue books '(cumulativeOverdueFine), the amount of overdue fine on books (overdueFine), 'and interest on the overdue fine that has been accrued (interestOnFinesAccrued)
Calculates the interest on the fines accrued since the last date to provide the current interest on the total fines. The two parameters input are: fines accrued so far (parameter1), and the date when the fines were last calculated (parameter2).
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