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Information Systems

There are various ways of adding and counting data (Microsoft Corporation 2006), the most appropriate are simple addition and addition with one or more criteria.
Subtotals by quarter for all persons are shown in the Sales Summary for 2005 in(000's) in Table 1. For example, Subtotal 815 means that all salespersons together have sold office furniture on 815,000 in the first quarter in Commercial sector. Then, Sector subtotals (sales volumes by sector) are added. For example, Sector subtotal 3429 means that all salespersons together have sold office furniture on 3,429,000 in Commercial sector in the 2005. Then, 6,555,000 is annual sales result in 2005.
Then formatting should be applied to the report to make it easy to read and understand. There are many basic formatting options available at the cell and worksheet level. Most are available on the Format Menu located on the Standard Excel toolbar. (Sandhills Publishing Company 2005)
Pie charts and bar charts are very useful for analysis and easy to interpret. Peltier (2006) concludes that pie charts are good when you are showing the relative proportion of numbers that add up to a total, for a single series of data and when there are not too many wedges, particularly too many small ones. They show a good qualitative view of the data. ...
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The Report is created using Microsoft Excel that is now the World's leading spreadsheet program and is written and distributed by Microsoft Corporation. It features an intuitive interface and capable calculation and graphing tools, so it can be used even by a person without strong computer background…
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