Virtual Private Network

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Answer 1: Development and innovation in the field of Information and technology have revolutionized every sphere of life. Computers and their networks have made headways into all areas ranging from education to weather prediction. Amongst all these advancements, the contribution of IT in the field of healthcare and medicine has been panoramic.


A virtual private network (VPN) is a private data network which makes use of the public communication infrastructure, and at the same time maintains privacy through the use of a tunnelling protocol and security procedures.
So by means of VPN, the medical professionals can access the sensitive medical data through public communication channel without compromising with the security of the highly confidential medical data. VPN's have gained now enormous popularity amongst healthcare practitioners. Medical practitioners across the country are increasingly turning to virtual private networks to link multiple sites, eliminate redundancies in record-keeping and at the same time keep patient information secure.
VPN's have the power to instantly connect a person to wide medical fraternity , providing him access to millions of GB's of medical data securely and at very little cost . More and more corporate are vouching for it as VPN's while making the connectivity a lot easier also reduce the management cost and provide efficient and smart record keeping.
Through the use of VPN's medical fraternity has been able to centralize the documentation of patient care safely, securely and efficiently, completing monthly billing at the push of a button rather than aggregating on a site-by-site basi ...
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