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Typography - Essay Example

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Be it on a leaf of palm or paper or on a thin polyester film, graphic expression occupies an important and attractive place in the communication systems among people. One of the five senses- the optics- is fully utilized and satisfied by graphics.
The printing technology has crossed four revolutionary eons…

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The fine parts of art and craftsmanship began to dissipate in the hassle of making fast bucks. Before the Industrial revolution the printing technology took several significant turns, since everybody wanted to take control of the technology. The journalists, religious authorities and government were all trying to keep their hands of power on it.
Replacement of hand-operated presses by rotary steam presses was a major breakthrough in late 1800s. The line-casting machines of Linotype and Monotype transformed type setting. Speed and labor saving were the main outcome of this typesetting. Automatically this had accelerated the speed of punch cutting too. A pantographic machine invented by Linn Boyd Benton in 1885 drastically reduced the pain of creating punches in earlier ages. In addition to creation of a new world of media, press had its impact on the economy of many countries too. American Type Founders amalgamated around 23 companies, which escaped bankruptcy battue during 1892 into it. During this period the "point" measurement system got its momentum. Francoise Ambroise Didot had already developed the present 72 points to the inch, which is used on computer type setting.
Modernization age followed then in early nineteenth century. ...
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