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This is where film translation fills the gap.
Dubbing is basically recording new audio over the original audio to make the content of the film more understandable and domestic to the target audience. This method gained popularity because the audience does not have to read any titles on the screen and math it to what's going on in the movie simultaneously. This makes it ideal for translating a whole movie into a completely new language with a more satisfied audience.
This is rather different from dubbing. It basically provides a translation in the form of a caption at the bottom of the movie screen of the spoken source language. This has its own advantages in the sense that the content of each dialogue is synchronized and it is therefore least altered compared to the source dialogue. This gives the audience some form of learning of the foreign language which is the source language.
This paper specifically deals with subtitling and its related issues. It does not mean that other forms of translation are not worthy of studying, but for clarity and time constraints these topics will be covered.
Source language countries like the United States and the United Kingdom there is fairly less demand for subtitles. ...
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Globalization is on the rise. In an era of high awareness and equal opportunities there is hardly any give for any product to be biased towards a specific target market. This case is more so for movies, which are primarily created for entertainment purposes…
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