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Installing and delivering the new client server PC system in time is key to management of data base of PES. Changing from standalone to client/server enhances the administration and usage of information. The goal is to manage the upgrade of the system in Oracle 8.0 which specifically suits the system of PES.


The available budget 31000 pounds must be made enough towards installation costs.
With the ever-growing focus on security, enterprises are spending countless hours and dollars on network and application protection, yet they are still vulnerable. With users sharing passwords, writing them down or utilizing the same password for multiple applications, users easily compromise security. PES found that they can identify 80% of their user's passwords using commonly-available password cracking software. Even with password alternatives, users can still lose smart cards or tokens, or forget their PINs. User authentication remains one of the weakest links in the security chain and a costly risk for users and IT staff. Digital Persona Pro can be easily and quickly integrated into Microsoft Windows2000-based networks by leveraging existing Windows infrastructure. Digital Persona Pro Server installs onto Windows domain controllers and then uses Windows Active Directory to: Store user authentication data, Use existing access policies, Provide application and policy management, Provide load balancing and failover. Doing so eliminates the need to: Purchase new, dedicated servers Duplicate user data. ...
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