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Building Materials

There have been numerous works performed that display this behavior of concrete to high temperatures (Kodur et. al 1997) and this paper aims to add to the pool of knowledge by comparing the performance of concrete with other building materials such as wood, aluminum and steel.
This will be achieved by subjecting the four building materials in different setups and evaluating the performance of each material. The following characteristics will be measured: fire resistance, combustibility, fire load contribution, temperature, restorability and integrity after fire. Rating will be given for each of the construction material after the collation of the said parameters. That concrete leads in the said properties will be given evidence in this project.
Timber or wood is known as one of the oldest construction materials known to man. It comes from felled trees and processed before utilization by cutting, strengthening and polishing to name a few steps. The most common trees that are used as timber are pine, cedar and hemlock. Fir and spruce also serve the same purpose as several hardwoods. ...
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Among the natural disasters and emergencies occurring, fire is the only one that is preventable and yet its occurrence remains high. It is important that buildings must have the capability to protect the occupants and assets against the danger of fire.
Since the total losses due to fire amount to millions of pounds each year in the UK, the importance of fire safety in relation to building design and construction can never be over-emphasized…
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